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Pod Style Live Yoga Sprites Playdate


A sheltering in place party for your loved and littles ones to reunite with whom they miss most. Customized to accommodate a steady balance of movement, stretching, purifying breath practice, uplifting empowerment and interactive opportunities. An excellent alternative to gaming and a fun way to see your friends or family with a teacher-led inspiring and creative theme. Boys, girls, tweens, cousins, Grands, Parents at a distance. This has been fun, inclusive and heartwarming. Super hero, Pokemon, American Girl, Seasons & Energy themes, all can be applied. Parties of 15 screens or less are best!



  • 30-45 minutes of Yoga & Mindfulness customized for your family or group, bringing friends & family together from a distance
  • Active yoga practice, saturated with empowering and empathic practices to ground your child as we shelter at home
  • Song, mantra, story, and creativity to teach students how to harness optimal physical, mental and emotional well being
  • Great for birthdays, reuniting scouts troops, sports teams, clubs while we shelter in place