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September Sprites’ Series 30 minute Virtual Live Sessions


These classes are complementary classes offered by one of four Yoga Sprites teachers to help support your child and family adjust to the learning environment, to satisfy the need to stimulating exercise and wellness, and to re-establish the connection we have shared with the students, engaging using Yoga, Mindfulness, Creative Story telling, Themed sequencing and Breathing exercises.

9/14, 15, 21, 22, 28, 29

*A one time, no charge registration is required for inclusion. This enables us the contact info and safety waivers we require to teach virtually, thank you in advance. By 9/10, a Universal password protected Zoom link will be sent to your inbox from Yoga Sprites, and this link can be used for all classes. Looking forward to seeing your child’s beautiful face & spirit again soon! 



Yoga Sprites classes delivered to all ages, 2-12, supported by theme, creativity, empathy, empowerment (every class will be adjusted to meet the audience that is present)

Yoga Sprites teachers’ Fall Greeting: Preparing the Children to Thrive with Successful Attitudes, Positivity & Exercise!

Yoga Sprites welcome, warm up, mudra, mantra, mindful movement for 30-45 minutes

Classes will be on Monday @ 3pm!

Classses will also be on Tuesday @ 3pm!

In addition, if you register for a Sprites’ session, you are invited to a link where your family can enjoy pre-recorded “Read Alouds” for sensory regulation, calming before bedtime, and energy raising in the morning! All valuable tools to help your kids acclimate to the new school rhythms ahead!