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Yoga Sprites at Wellfleet Rec!




As we learn with each passing week how to maintain semblance and creative remote learning while maintaining work schedules and multiple family members, Yoga Sprites has partnered with school communities, after school organizations, and PTA organizations to deliver the following:

  • Kids (preschool age through middle!) are welcome to join us for creatively sequenced, storyline yoga, that encourages children to have fun within the strength of their bodies, how to reset their mood and learn how to regulate their energy… all while connecting with other kiddos in pose, mantra and confidence boosting exercises.
  • All you need is soft clothes and a safe space to practice in. Kids will stretch, reach and pose in fun ways every week, some themed, with story, adventure and imaginative breathwork. Looking forward to empowering your children with yoga and mindfulness every Sunday!
  • Sundays, 10am, on a secured zoom link, brought to you by Wellfleet Recreation Dept.