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Breath in Nature

Moving meditation has for thousands of years been a practice for accessing self awareness, embodiment and relaxation. And especially now. as we are sent indoors so frequently in our daily lives, taking the responsibility of reconnecting to nature, is a family treat.
The privilege of calm when listening to one’s own breathing, is profoundly underestimated, in our children.
But stop to think about it, remember taking a baby outside for a walk and watching she or he sleep an hour extra that night? Ever allow your toddler a before dinner stroll outside with you, and find that he or she made their way into REM after bedtime stories, that much easier that night?

The truth is, we awaken, and at the same time, restore, our five senses and neural pathways with a walk amidst nature. Connecting to our breath, is simple by just reminding your walking partner(s) to breathe in through their nose, and out of their mouth, encouraging them to create their own pattern of conscious breathing.


Going outside allows your children to feel the air, the wind, and the light or dampness on their skin. It enables them to connect with serene green landscape, touch the vegetation around them, the points of a holly tree you’re passing by, for example, or take in the gentle splashing of waves when waterfront.


Aspects of nature are abundant with tranquility. But even the walk, the meditational practice of repetitive movement, and the space it provides you and your loved little one, will prove beneficial come the later hours of the evening. The emotional, physical and psychological well being of any one individual exposing themselves to the outdoors, is greatly enhanced by a nature moving meditation.


Next time the opportunity avails, take a walk with your family outside with these details in mind:

  • Recognize how fresh the clean air feels, tastes, sounds and smells
  • See if you can time a chunk of the walk that is just quiet walking, allowing breaths in and out to be the only sound heard
  • Recognize what else you hear as you are walking
  • Take a pause to embrace the solid earth below your footing, or taste the dew in a windy day, or tilt your head back to absorb the daylight sun warming your skin


The refreshing experience can become one of your family’s favorite daily activities to share!