Yoga Sprites Celebrates!

With the theme of either a child’s name and age, their favorite story adventure, character or a chakra party, or in honor of a holiday; Yoga Sprites teachers will come to your party venue, with all the tools needed to provide the children (usually 12 or less) a 45-60 minute stimulating, encouraging and festive experience on the mat. Parties can be customized.

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An on-site yoga teacher delivering yoga-led birthday activities, a total hit with all ages!

Play Dates

Meet your playgroup needs! On-location class immersion for parents, caregivers & children.

Home School Integration

The perfect complement to at-home learning, pairing conscious educating with our techniques & Yoga Sprites curriculum!

Teens & Tweens

An exciting and vulnerable age - just right for empowering, strengthening yoga & meditation life skills for the times ahead!