Our inclusive and empathic curriculum elevates your child

Our proven methods curriculum

Our inclusive and empathic curriculum elevates your child, and our standards were designed to meet the PKFCC (PreK For Common Core Foundations), as well as NAIS (National Association of Independent Schools) and the Early Learning Program Accreditation Standards of the NAEYC (National Association for the Education of Young Children). Ever learning, we continually revise and establish the most positive and grounding lesson plants, while encouraging fun play with the children.

Yoga enhances your life

Yoga & Mindfulness provide beneficial impact on interactive relationships in the lives of children. While it provides an increase in both focus and attention, it enables a child reprieve from trauma, motivates an increase in school enthusiasm, contribution and attendance, reduces anxiety, depression and fatigue in kids and enables happiness and relaxation. It also connects children to their self acceptance, awareness and self-regulation and increases youngsters’ social-emotional development.

Sharpens Focus 0
Increases School Enthusiasm 0
Improves Mental Health 0
Establishes Self-Regulation 0

Components we highly regard in Yoga Sprites lessons

Yoga, physical stretching increasing flexibility

Strengthening and body positivity

Mindfulness and breathwork

Positive mantra practice and sensory regulation

Meditative techniques

Song, music and creative art projects