Yoga Sprites aligns sessions by age and grade to reach children at each milestone developmentally


AGES 2-3

Little Sprites is an energetic yet gentle welcome using music, movement, storytelling, five senses integration, breathing exercises, positive mantra, and body awareness.

Easy pose work, stretching, and body positivity introduced here. Creative art will support their physical growth on the mat.

All of this creates a presence that will help them engage independently and with their peers.

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AGES 3-5

Engaged Sprites learn through playfully interactive games, themes, stories, and visual imagery, the seeds of breath-induced stimulation, stamina & relaxation.

All of these skills will manifest a present child that is slowly appreciating the whole body and mind approach to growing. Focus grows from strengthening and expansive poses that bring attention to the breath and body. This stage enables sensory regulation, mood stabilization, character development, physical exercise and connection. A gift for children so young and becoming!

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Kindergarten-Grade 2

Ages 5-8

Strong Sprites get a well-fueled session pairing breathwork with physical action, yoga asana (pose work) and mindful meditation, to harness their potential. Supported by music, creative themes, visual imagery, mudra, and mandala work.

Strong Sprites can easily spread their wings at this stage, toward strength and balance in their bodies, while learning a universal and whole approach to kindness, responsibility and task challenge with non judgment, detachment and focus.

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Grade 3-6

Ages 8-12

As tweens and young teens, the Balancing Sprites learn a routine practice for their physical, mental and social success, relying on breathing patterns for body calm, increased flexibility and strength or stillness in poses. Moving beyond any unwanted thoughts, habits or points of view, focus on mantra, mudra and meditations create a self attained wellness mindset.

Each of these are a great stage to embark on as our young adults can recognize how much potential they have upon their decision making, interpersonal relationships, internal personality growth and external flourishing.

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