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We appreciate passionate and knowledgeable teachers!
Yoga Sprites is currently processing accreditation with Yoga Alliance, as a nationally recognized children’s yoga school (RCYS). Yoga Sprites invites current certified yoga teachers to train and work as a Yoga Sprites Teacher. But you do not have to be a certified yoga teacher…All you have to possess is a love for learning and children to discuss becoming a Yoga Sprites Teacher with us!

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We Bare the Gift of Influence

  • A school-based mindfulness program promoted strong results in the improvement of cognitive performance and resilience to stress, among children.
  • Mindfulness introduced in school among fourth- and fifth-grade youth reported that the techniques had a positive impact on youths’ problematic responses to stress including rumination, intrusive thoughts, and emotional regulation.
  • A change in levels of (cortisol) stress among second-and third-grade students, following a short program of mindfulness & yoga, significantly decreased.
  • This stabilization of stress created a positive teacher-student communication in various learning settings. We teach children techniques for self-health, relaxation, and inner fulfillment, and from this they can navigate life’s challenges with a little more ease.
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